Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free at last to update you with the months occurrences. Unfortunately the Shire has been awash with the most abysmal weather so we have had to find refuge indoors, difficult when there are all sorts of workers trying their damnedest (how I love that word, makes me feel quite out of sorts!) to work against the elements.

However, this has meant that I have constantly had the pleasure of the Head Architect's company and there is no doubt in my mind that I have managed to charm him. He is the first eligible suitor I have had in many months and I am unsure as to how to act. He is in great demand from what I can ascertain, many of my contemporaries trying their hand at flirtation in order to capture his attention but even though we spend time alone during the day, at various dinners and balls we dance no more than the obligatory few dances and spend a scarce amount of time talking as we both know there is time enough for us to be together.

I was quite flummoxed this last weekend when I had to endure the Duke and his fiancé at our gathering in honour of my Mother's return. It was obvious, at least to me, that we were both trying to ignore each other as much as possible. I had heard that this was the happy couple's first public outing since their very public engagement. I suppose I shouldn't wonder what that means, because no doubt it means that they are indeed too happy! We had to endure a single dance together which wasn't so much as awkward as dull. No heart of mine should have to be subjected to the antipathy that I now feel for the Duke. Though there are moments late at night when I can't help but think I am hardening my heart because of how much I love him. Can you believe we talked about the weather?! This is the man to whom I bared my inner most thoughts, the man who moulded my dreams to fit like a jigsaw with his.

That is why I am so glad to have the attention of the Head Architect. Selfish or trivial at least my thoughts are kept far and wide from the Duke.

D. S.

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