Saturday, July 31, 2010

Isn't it dreadful that in only a few weeks I can become so infatuated with another person? The most trifle of thoughts and I break out into a silly grin which is so difficult to hide as all I want to do is talk and talk and talk about how happy I am! These last few weeks have been a delight, as the Head Architect and I spend many an evening walking the gardens discussing our hopes and dreams.

There is no doubt that he is ambitious, the South Wing is coming along gloriously and I managed to sneak a glance through the doors just the other day and I can't wait to help Mother pick out the furniture. There is this new designer that I heard of at the last soirée; a George Hepplewhite. It will be a nice variation from the Chippendale that we have used and abused throughout the years.

I received many letters from my lovely ladies who are on their travels, they seem to be having the most delectable time, though I am worried that those who have ventured to the New World may never come home! Although I am intrigued as to what these far away countries are like I cannot imagine never coming home to my Shire. To my Architect.

It is truly dreadful that as I wrote that I giggled. I am not the giggling type and I usually scorn those who fall so easily in and out of... no I cannot say love. It is too soon.

The Officer is being dispatched at some point to the Continent, something to do with the French and Austrians. It is fortunate that I found out as I bumped into his young fiancé. Of course, there was nothing to say about the affair, we were gracious and courteous as ever trading small talk, but I believe I will have to write to the Officer to wish him luck abroad and let him know that he is in my prayers. I would be devastated if his life were taken. And because of this hasty call of duty it seems that my Officer will be wed in the coming weeks. I wonder if I will be invited...

There is more to say about the Duke, but I am pushing him out of my mind. The Head Architect can happily fill any voids in my thoughts.

D. S.


  1. Whatever face is attached to this hand,this mind,this heart I could adore it no matter what