Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have heard that there are a few who have waited with bated breath regarding the outcome of my Captain's decision... I shall do my best to put you out of your misery, and indeed my own, as I give you the current situation most frankly.

He has not replied.

Nothing. Not even some sort of receipt to let me know he'd received the letter, nor a belated acknowledgement of the time and effort I'd put into devising a letter that seemed hopeful and contained within it a mild suggestion, rather than an outright order.

I know I am being impatient. I know I cannot expect a man of his tender years to understand the plight my heart undergoes every day I do not hear from him, and yet, the strangest emotions dwell within my breast; for I do not doubt his love for me. I only grow impatient with the circumference of half the world between us and an indefinite time frame.

I'm not sure how much longer I can cling to the memory of our love.

Being a Patroness has taken up my time most deliciously, as I am required to while away the hours with talented artistes of the Shire. There is no reluctance in my part to stray away from my duties, and I enjoy the time I have to take to get to know the more creative of my future tenants.

However, I fear that I have neglected certain friends for far too long, especially as it has nearly been a good six months since I have returned to the Shire from the Antipodes. To rectify the situation I have garnered a few favourites and sent messages hence forth, so that the Gameskeeper, Brewer and musician may expect me in their presence within the week.

The mere thought of setting my eyes on their rugged frames and sharing a song or two while drinking the Brewer's finest ale, truly warms me from within; indeed as I close my eyes and remember the days in the North, there is a slow but pleasurable tingle of remembrance that I long to indulge.

Until then I suppose I shall continue behaving myself. Life needs a jolt of surprise every now and again, but my life has been somewhat tame recently. Definitely need someone to spice up my life but who could that possibly be?

D. S.