Monday, November 19, 2012

What a weekend!

The Gameskeeper, Brewer and musician lived up to every memory I could have possibly had of them while living in the North and surpassed even my expectations. It wasn't all fun and games though as I learned two things over the weekend: All-day drinking does terrible things to you and some people will never change.

Fortunately, I love that the Brewer, musician and Gameskeeeper are exactly how I left them before the Antipodes, it wouldn't have done me any good to know that their lives were all the more richer without me!

I have no sordid secrets to tell however, despite the drunkenness of each and every one of us. 'Fine form' was the catchphrase of the evening, as we swilled away many different ales, each lovingly brewed especially for the occasion. Of course, there were momentary lapses in judgement, for how could I so easily forget what I used to feel for the musician? Nevertheless, I did nothing I regret, nothing that can't be brushed aside as a life experience, confirming to the world who I truly am.

I have often wondered as to who I would be as the years aged me and I supposedly matured, but more than anything I feel exactly the same (just some deviances are slightly less acceptable at four o'clock in the morning) and I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Of course this statement begs the question, 'What about the Captain?'

I have not forgotten about him, and seemingly it seems I have no longer been forgotten! He has finally corresponded in longing to my letter imploring him to make himself useful on his trip to the Shire and it seems that he agrees, or at the very least will have a look at the positions available.

How I wish my heart would leap for joy at this prospect. But I fear I am getting overly comfortable in my Shire, and don't know how we are going to ignore the twelve thousand miles for much longer. One of us would have to make an horrific sacrifice.

But would I be worth the commitment and truly, would either of us be happy away from our native lands?

D. S.