Friday, April 15, 2011

My Mother is coming up to collect me tomorrow so I really do need to start packing. The thought hadn't really entered my head until the Court Jester mentioned that he is going to be alone for the next two weeks!

I can't wait to return to the Shire. The Scottish Earl seems overly keen to meet with me and though I do want to see him and satisfy the cravings I have been ignoring the past few months, I do want to make him beg for it. Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying.

My birthday is looming and I have decided to have two events. A relaxed affair back in the Shire with the closest of friends and family. Hopefully an all day picnic if the weather keeps, if not I'll just have a marquee erected. 

The North deserves a decidedly more rambunctious celebration and I've decided on a Masquerade Ball. There have been a fair few the last few years and I see nothing wrong in keeping with tradition. I'll invite everyone possible and see how they all manage to mingle. It'll be an interesting state of affairs if the musician meets the Captain, or the Foreign Minister meets with the Gameskeeper... I wonder if I'll inadvertently invite Luthien. That would certainly be a turn up for the books!

This past week has been rather quiet as most people have departed for their homes. I stayed in the North for slightly longer as I wanted time to clear my head after the decision to let the musician go.

I will let you know how birthday plans go and of course show you the gorgeous mask that I plan on purchasing. Until then I must pack for my return to the Shire.

D. S.