Monday, April 11, 2011

It seems that news of my imminent return to the Shire has reached certain past lovers, namely the Scottish Earl, who has requested a rendezvous.

The distraction could not have come at a better time, yet I almost feel like this could be a deja vu! Once again, the Scottish Earl has appeared as an emotional crutch after heartache (I cannot quite bring myself to call it heartbreak) and enticed me with tender words and passionate promises.

I guess I have truly let the musician go.

Don't give me a round of applause just yet, as I haven't had the (dis)pleasure of his company since last week's concert. So it has been rather easy to put him out of my mind. 

In fact I haven't seen the Brewer, Gameskeeper or musician for nearly a week now and I'm finding it very noticeable! Thankfully Belle has kept me entertained for a few hours and I did manage to attend a Ball over the weekend in honour of a Lady's birthday. Nevertheless, Easter back in the Shire is going to be a little strange if I'm not having lunch with the Gameskeeper every day, or 'accidentally' bumping into the musician in the library!

Almost four months I have spent up North without returning home and I have to admit that I cannot wait to walk the corridors of the South Wing and remember the summer nights with the Head Architect and the long days with my Ladies! Then of course there is the Duke, whose return to England is slowly approaching.

I know that I am reminiscing about my separate lives in both the North and my darling Shire, but the former of the two is swiftly coming to a close. My future has not officially been decided but I know that I will spend the summer torn between my two homes.

Spring should be a time for new beginnings, not the start of the final chapter!

D. S.