Sunday, January 08, 2012

It seems I have become somewhat of a magnet for younger men. Three proposals I have had today from various men while I toiled away at my latest fancy. 

I turned them all down of course, but not without fluttering my eyelashes, and giving them a coy smile. They'll all be back, hoping for more, but unless one of them manages to match up to the young Captain, they don't stand a chance at winning my heart.

Summer has truly arrived as I while away days on various beaches with my old brunette lover. We have spent rather a lot of time in the sun, and are both currently a rather pink hue, but hopefully it will fade so that her olive-skin stays one colour and I go back to a rather golden complexion.

Not only have I had several eighteen year old admirers, but I too had a gift bought for me by an Irish widower. Double my age he was with a daughter half again, but they entertained me for a fair while as I styled the young miss, and not long after they had left he had returned with a small wrapped parcel! An eau de parfum of jasmine and apple blossom was prettily ribboned much to my surprise. I tried to refuse such a personal gift, but the Irishman was rather insistent even though he left no name nor address.

It seems I may have to cope with an onslaught of younger suitors for the time being... I do still have the latest gentleman as a rather persistent admirer and I truly enjoy his company but I feel a little guilty for leading him on when my intentions are much purer than his. 

What on Earth is happening to me? I feel guilt and I care about someone other than myself. Things are not right!


D. S.