Sunday, March 18, 2012

It should come as no surprise that behaving was not on my agenda for the past week. I have practically lived with the English gentleman, only leaving his bedchamber for an hour or two to bask in the glorious sunshine... Or to enjoy our activities outside!

That silly smile has yet to leave my face and I've received all manner of compliments as to a certain glow I am unwittingly bestowing. I am not yet sure whether I have completely fallen for this English gentleman's charm. He has everything I desire and, even more importantly, he takes great pleasure in my pleasure, but I do not want to confuse lust with love. 

He tells me I am very attentive, an adjective that is not part of my usual accolade, but doesn't put up with my teasing without a retaliation of his own. We are evenly matched in most aspects of our lives and his ambition is something that I find truly irresistible. I care not for analysing our current relationship too much for I'd rather just enjoy the time the two of us have together. 

(Though I have taken note that we are both returning to our homeland in three months, so the distance should not pose a problem.)

I do have a week to myself in the near future where I journey through the heart of the Antipodes and further South than I have ever been before! I am looking forward to my time alone to reflect on the last few months and I hope to catch up on my writing.  

The English gentleman is so relaxed that he is encouraging me to take the time off and travel on my own (Mother would have a fit!) and though this may seem careless, his confidence and independence only make him that much more attractive. 

Our only slightly fraught tête à tête was when I let slip about my relationship with the brunette. The English gentleman was less than impressed to say the least. It's not something that I planned on doing again, but then I never planned to explore Sapphic love in the first place, but he has made it quite clear that he shall not be encouraging that behaviour.

I'm not very good at being told what to do, but something about him makes me want to obey, with no churlish response... Maybe I am growing up after all! Or just falling for him...


D. S.