Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I hope I am not the only bewitched, bothered and bewildered member of the cloisters at the moment... I have no qualms with peoples behaviour nor the current affiliates of the cloth, but the latest candidates are lacking something. They remind me too much of myself to give themselves wholly to the Lord.

Belle is her usual delight even though she has yet to say a word. I asked the Gameskeeper about her and he said it wasn't for him to say, but told me not to worry. If it were anyone else I couldn't listen to the advice, but from Belle and the Gameskeeper? I trust them implicitly and will wait the necessary time.

According to the brunette she has travelled to the Continent in search of refuge. The tone of her letters is more than appealing, and I don't doubt that I too will travel in her footsteps after my Summer in the Convent.

The White Knight, though I have yet to lay eyes on him again, has kept in touch by note, by bouquet of flowers and by act in the arena every day. If I go more than a moon's sleep without hearing from him, then I know that something has happened... But I cannot fathom as to why this communication has started again after a year!

I adore teaching, yet my Father does not approve of my current achievements in life; he would prefer to see me married and producing children every other year... Teaching is 'unbefitting of my status' but I cannot just sit at home waiting for the right man! How can I find the right man by sitting at home?

Fortunately my Mother agrees with me, saying I should broaden my horizons and have more to talk about than other people and fashion. So for now I am safe, but I do hope they don't start setting me up with unattached men of my age. They both know my heart belongs to another, and has been left in the Antipodes...

D. S.