Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good morning my darlings. A very early Sunday morning to wake up to, but I still have a smile spread across my lips and it is only fair that I share my good fortune with the rest of you.

I have inadvertently been courted from afar by two different suitors; one of which already lays a claim to my heart but the other, well he is adamant that before the year is out I shall be smitten!

The Captain has written me often, telling me of the life he leads in the Antipodes, his own journeys and how his life is no longer the same without me there to mess with his head and toy with his heart strings. He sounds full of regret for his prolonged grievance towards me, wishing he had forgiven me earlier... The Captain's words are all I've wanted to hear for so long that I treasure each and everyone, discreetly planning my return.

However, there are distractions at home! Even though I have been put under lock and key at the Convent, it seems that I may be in contact with certain sinners. The White Knight has made his intentions crystal clear, he has courted me with a fervour that rivals none, the intensity of which is somewhat daunting.

Of course I blush with the sin of pride at the thought of these two men wanting me, and it worries me to a certain degree that the White Knight is tantalisingly close, whereas the Captain is still on the other side of the world... What makes the White Knight's presence more pleasurable is my Mother's ignorance this time round. It is more flattering to be wanted because of you, rather than because of your connections.

The nun has been missing her child greatly, getting almost daily reports from the Doctor who lives down on the Coast, but even through her pain she has been a great comfort to me. The priest on the other hand has kept his head down of late; fewer judgemental looks and he no longer chastises me in public, rather keeping his admonishments to the privacy of the cloisters...

It is nearly the start of a new month, and only a few weeks more do I have at the Convent... Who knows what will happen next, but truly life is more than wonderful today.

D. S.

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  1. Dear Duchess, I had no idea I had fallen so far behind in my reading. It appears I have, and much has happened. I'm sorry for my lateness. It sounds like Ur life is going splendidly! I'm so happy for U! Love from afar, love closeby, a love planned-for at-some-point-future, and a secret love at-your-fingertips! Sounds all very exciting to me! I say Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy! Make them both wait, and fall desperately in love with you, until a dual ensues. The winner wins your hand. (I'm joking of course!) It is fun I know to have two after you. Whatever will you do? Our lovely Duchess, such a lovely life it is. xo xo - @bayviewgirl