Monday, July 16, 2012

It's difficult to try and explain why I am at the Convent, especially to those who don't know me well. 

Certainly I am no nun-in-training, they would never allow someone of my pleasing misbehaviour to grace the cloth. And though I teach, it is purely for the love of imparting knowledge, if not befitting of someone of my social status.

Thankfully I have been decidedly refined this past week, and though I am receiving a few unwanted looks, it is nothing I can't handle, and certainly nothing unexpected.

The Captain has kept a steady flow of correspondence my way, though it is I who has been a little bit lax, (I blame the lack of time here at the Convent). And though my feelings for him are not waning, I am trying to be more realistic... Until I have made a decision about my future, and I can guarantee my return to the Antipodes I cannot give either of us false hope.

I have seen no more of my previous amour, which is somewhat disappointing, but it is to be expected if I am gracing the cloisters of hallowed ground.

The brunette has disappeared yet again and I miss her dreadfully, though I shall never forget the times we had together. Belle is keeping refuge in the Convent, a vow of silence has graced her lips so there is nothing I can find out about the why of her whereabouts... She smiles though, and I do not fear that she is in pain nor doing an unnecessary penance.

Speaking of penance, I was walking past the confessional the other day and noticed a familiar looking shield lying next to a bench.... At first I couldn't believe that after all the time he was about to walk back into my life, but there he was, the White Knight.

I'm not sure if too much time has past for us to rekindle the blossoming romance from last year, (I know it's something my Mother would appreciate) but I felt it rather inappropriate to ask while he too tried to atone for his sins. (Of course I can't help but be curious as to what his sins are!)

I received a surprising note from the Brewer a few nights back as well, he seemed - as always - to be in good spirits, but there was a decidedly saucy undertone that I've never felt from him before! It has been far too long since I have seen the Gameskeeper or Brewer, but I'm intrigued to know how our friendships will have fared the time and distance of the last year.

My darling nun has been keeping my spirits up when I've had to cope with the scrutinising look of the priest. My presence is clearly unwanted, and they think my atonement is a farce, another means to gain unnecessary attention... Judgement comes far too easily to some people.

D. S.