Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another evening swiftly passes and with it a day closer to the surprise that the Duke of Albany is keeping hidden closely to his chest. We return to the Shire the day after next to spend the Christmas festivities with my Father and Brother, for my Mother still dwells on the Antipodean shores and his family reside in the mountains of Bohemia. 

It is our second Christmas together and I can only hope it is as magical as last winter. Though it feels like not much has changed over the past year, we have traveled many miles to be where we are today. There have been a few difficulties as the Duke and I have taken the time to get used to the northern counties; I do sometimes forget how lucky I am to have the Duke in the same country as me. We went so many months without each other last year that it seems strange to think after only four months I already take him for granted. My love for him has not diminished, in fact we are most inclined to spend our evenings cuddled up together in bed, but this surprise might be just what we both desire to reignite our passions. 

It's difficult to explain... I suppose love happens this way; the passions which burn bright at the start of the relationship tend to wane under the comfortable blanket of time. I sincerely hope that this surprise will be enough to reignite the fires of our love.

I had the pleasure of the Marquessa yesterday. We dined and drank and made pleasant conversation about our lives. It amazes me how time waits for no man, nor woman,  and we reminisced about how our lives have changed. The Winter Solstice is always a time for remembering, and I take back what I said, I do love my life, but it, nor I, are by any means perfect. 

I shall being to ponder upon my new years resolutions... And wonder where in the world I shall drink that first glass of champagne.

D. S.

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