Monday, December 15, 2014

A mere ten days keep me from the Lord's day of birth, and a celebration of Christmas festivities. The Duke of Albany and I have spent a wonderful weekend together making sure we have all our gifts for our families and friends, as well as rekindling our love. 

He has kept me in suspense regarding our New Years rendez vous, and I am more than happy to keep it that way. All I have been told is to be prepared for a journey and to pack accordingly. The Duke knows how I adore to travel so wherever he choose I know I will  fall in love with, adding to my already great fondness for certain countries.

I have heard from the delightful Lady of Corcaigh who has written in the hope of making arrangements for next Spring. I have acquiesced, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because I would very much like to see her and reminisce about our time in Bohemia. Never shall I forget that time she made me drink more than is sensible... I can only imagine our reunion to be just as eventful.

Christmas is always such an interesting time, new beginnings should be forming as I look to my resolutions, but my life is rather wonderful and there is nothing that I would change. I hope not to instigate any hubris for my feelings of content, but rather off up my happiness and to give thanks for my life. 

Truly, I am most grateful to be where I am.

D. S.