Friday, August 19, 2011

I have only been home for a matter of days but already I have itchy feet and am looking to travel; to go on my own Grande Tour!

I wonder if I have left it too late to ask the Duke to accompany me, but if it weren't for the danger of being a lone woman I wouldn't even want to take my entourage. I want to escape, to rid myself of my title and experience new sights and tastes that I have yet to even imagine. Mother is not as enthralled with this idea as I am... Unsurprisingly.

She has conjured up some eligible man that she procurred from God-knows-where, as only Mother knows how, to make some awkward introductions this weekend. I'm not sure whether I should be grateful or insulted! But I suppose mothers will be mothers and she can't abide having a spinster for a daughter forever! I won't plan on being nonchalant, I will give this poor fellow a chance, but I don't expect him to tickle my fancy, at least not in any comparison to the musician!

I did receive an invitation yesterday that brought a smile to my face, from the dear nun who left me alone at the Convent two weeks ago! She is having a wonderful time on the Coast and wondered whether I would care to join her for a few days. Of course I said yes, I'd be delighted to see her again and I look forward to evenings huddled around the harpsichord singing hymns.

Armiger has kept in touch though I haven't seen him half as much as I would have liked to, but I do hope he keeps to his promise of a Ball tonight! I could so do with some fun, and I'm sure I could single out that seventeen year old and have some fun with him...

There I go again. I even went to Church this morning with Mother to try and atone for some of my sins but I can't seem to help myself! If I'm not hurting anyone, am I really doing anything wrong?


D. S.