Monday, August 01, 2011

Even after a full night's sleep my eyes are still red with fatigue.

Never before have I been able to appreciate the hard work put in by nuns, governesses and teachers for the children in their care. I don't think it is something that is suited to me for the long term, and highly inappropriate for a Duchess but as I've said before I'm enjoying my time here at the Convent far more than I thought possible.
A few nights ago I had the chance to reconvene with my Ladies of the Shire and Armiger. As much as I love and appreciate all those who work with me at the Convent, nothing truly makes me happier than spending time with my nearest and dearest friends. The time we spend together is made ever more precious as currently our lives are so terribly busy. Each of us pursuing endeavours to make our futures more fortuitous.
We discussed many things from the scandalous to the mundane and everything inbetween, though a return to the Continent made all of our tongues wag most excitedly, and I do hope that we manage to visit Iberia together in the next coming weeks.
I have heard very little from the Duke since I have returned to the Shire. I know nothing except that his Grande Tour was a success, but that I never even began to doubt.
Every now and again my heart pangs slightly for the North. I miss the slightly-less-than-exemplary beahviour that was no more acceptable, but was forgotten instantly with the latest fashions and even more sordid scandals. I miss Belle. Her birthday is nigh and it saddens me to think I shall not be with her to celebrate. I miss the Coxswain, the Brewer, the Court Jester. I miss them all and cannot peer into the future far enough to establish when I will be able to see them next.
I should be used to it by now, but every Summer in the Shire I pine for the Northern counties, and this year it is no exception.
D. S.

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