Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes I wish I listened to my friends' advice, or at least accepted that hedonism is NOT the way forward...

I once again caved into the Scottish Earl's arms as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. There is no fear of my heart getting broken for I do not care about him in that way, but rather I am beginning to despise my weakness of the flesh. I know that this is rather a contradiction to my love of hedonism in my previous post, but after being chastised by the priest after getting caught leaving the Scottish Earl's bedchamber, I am feeling a guilt that had long been forgotten.

There is no wonder that guilt has finally crept in, a Convent will do that to you. But it was the look of disappointment in the Priest's eyes, which made me wish the ground would swallow me up. I have been keeping my nose clean for the last few days, I do not want to give further cause for the nuns and Priest to have me removed, for though it is hard work and I have limited time for frivolities (of course I do find the time) I enjoy spending time with the children and watching their amazement of the every day.

I get to see Armiger tomorrow after many days apart and even my Ladies of the Shire. I can't claim to not appreciate the day of freedom, but I would love the opportunity to make it up to the Priest. I thoroughly dislike being reprimanded, even less so by someone whose eyes make my knees go weak.

D. S.