Thursday, July 07, 2011

What a busy week back it has been, barely the time to collect my thoughts!

I spent the weekend with Armiger, my Squire from France, who is useful in correcting my French, but whose sensibilities result in a refusal to indulge my whims, which can get a little tedious. However, he is a dear friend and knows the most delectable parties to go to, one of which we attended in Oxfordshire that was hosted by a few eminent equestrians. We twirled the night away laughing about nothing in particular and as the time came to say our farewells a rather boisterous seventeen year old stole kiss from my lips! It was terribly audacious of him, especially as he is the same age as my brother, yet though his impertinence made me blush I know he didn't mean any harm. Armiger found the whole situation most amusing, and promised me that I'd be invited to the next event, if I managed to behave myself!

After we'd left and were on what I thought was the journey home, I realised Armiger had failed to mention that we were going to take a detour. Apparently we were off to collect a Prussian couple, ferrying them to safe-house before they began their own journey home. I wanted to ask more questions but Armiger can be so stern, so I just accepted my predicament without so much of a peep. I have to admit that I slept through most of our travels, and had to apologise to the Prussian couple once we'd arrived at their safe-house for my rudeness, but they said it was probably for the best because it wouldn't have been fair to make me privy to the information they'd had to pass on to Armiger... My curiosity was piqued but I could tell that it was still inappropriate to ask any questions.

Once we were alone again I still couldn't find the words to express my interest, not without sounding like a petulant child, and there was something about Armiger's demeanour that silenced my tongue, not an easy feat I may add! The morning sun was high in the sky by the time I made it home, the house-hold only beginning to stir, but Armiger had disappeared before I could even thank him for the wonderful evening.

It took two days before I could recover from the festivities, and in that time Armiger never let me have a moment alone with him to ask any questions, and although I happily fill my life with frivolities, I did not quite have the gall to mention the excursion. It seemed a little too important for that.

So, to put my mind at ease and forget the entire incident - as I thankfully managed to do after the nude embarrassment in Iberia - I did what I do best; socialising with my darling Ladies and prestigious Lords of the Shire.

Lord Berkeley had a wonderful soiree a few nights ago and we all drank champagne, revelling in our achievements and laughing at the memories. Thankfully all this excitement has put Harlequin far from my thoughts, though having the Duke in attendance did nothing for my emotions. I was terribly impressed with the idea of an expedition to a menagerie the following day, and was delighted with all the animals! Especially as it proved to be the perfect distraction from any straying thoughts about the Duke, Armiger and the Prussian couple.

Since then I have returned home to my clothes still unpacked from my time in the North. It feels as if I'd be admitting defeat if I had them unpacked, for I fear it denotes that I shall never again leave the Shire. I know I am being silly, but I am young, I do not want to have to live in one place for the rest of my life. The Capital is calling and I yearn to answer with fervour. 

D. S.