Friday, July 01, 2011

I thought I'd have the opportunity to write a final post before I left the Northern counties, but here I am back in the Shire.

Bags were packed and miles were travelled to the countryside and a Shire that shall always be my home, thought I have to admit that the goodbyes were heartfelt and I hope I get to see my Northern friends in the near future. Being in the Shire has renewed my love for the green fields and I have spent the day with my darling ladies and wonderful friends reminiscing about the times we have had and the months we have been separated. Many meals have been organised, and I look forward to the feasts, and I may even try my hand at cooking!

The last few nights in the North were wonderful, if a little hazy. All that particularly sticks out is my realisation that I have feelings for Harlequin, something that I am going to have to ignore as we are now hundreds of miles apart. I heard from the musician and Belle who are enjoying their freedom and I wait expectantly for a note from the Gameskeeper, all of whose friendships I hold very dear to my heart.

To think that we are in the second half of the year is unbelievable, I cannot comprehend as to where the time has gone, but I know that I have memories I shall treasure forever. And as I read through my previous posts I recall the situation with the Scottish Earl whose advances need to be ignored, though in the dead of the night, that is a little difficult...

D. S.