Monday, July 11, 2011

Well, my life has taken a little change for the unexpected.

I have moved into a convent, and have undertaken a governing position teaching children. Not something you'd particularly expect from someone of my stature, and though this may not be a life calling I feel that helping the children is truly a heart-warming decision. I have only been here two days so have very little to report, only that this convent is on the Scottish Earl's property, and he has already made contact, which under the circumstances is rather unacceptable. I haven't made any notion at all as to how I am going to respond to his attentions, but I feel that the nuns would faint at the very thought of the Earl making advances!

Three nights ago Armiger took me out again in Oxfordshire for an outdoor party with the equestrians. It was a delightful evening, with many games being played, but I did have to reprimand myself when I saw the boisterous seventeen year old...

I received a letter from the Gameskeeper and an invitation from Belle, but I fear that the Ball they are planning shall be within my time at the convent, something that I vowed I wouldn't abandon. I do miss them both terribly, in fact I miss all of my Northern friends, but no doubt I shall be terribly busy over the next few weeks so I do hope that will distract me from my melancholy.

I suppose I better return to my work. It is terribly early but already the nuns have awoken, chastising their sins since the break of dawn, something that I can't quite bring myself to do...

D. S.