Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don't really know how to admit to the frivolities that occurred last night.

A nun's birthday anniversary passed and I was delighted to find out that the nuns and teachers were intent on having a little celebration! I thought exuberance would be frowned upon, but it seems they all enjoy a tipple as much as any lay-man, or indeed any Duchess!

Armiger joined us at the Convent as it has been far too long since we were in each other's company, both of us enjoying the chance to make up for the time we haven't spent together. The only other presence that gave me a little shock was the appearance of the Scottish Earl, though of course I should have expected him. We were courteous, abismally polite, but as the drinks flowed - I have a new found respect for the Church now - we were laughing and joking while Armiger whispered in my ear to be careful.

I have to admit that I was secretly pleased by the Scottish Earl's attentions. His letters convey none of the enigmatic personality that exudes from his dazzling eyes, though the Scottish Earl somehow still keeps his emotions easily cloaked. Dreadful of me to acknowledge these feelings, especially as the nuns were a little apprehensive about my flamboyant behaviour, but it has been so long since I had the chance to dress up and act extravagantly so I probably did push my luck a little more than I should have... I can't even describe the look on the priest's face!

Nevertheless, after a glass or two of champagne more than I should have, I let the Scottish Earl escort me back to my bedroom and after all his pandering I couldn't resist him any longer and lured him to my boudoir happily letting him have his wicked way with me.

I told him to leave afterwards, I couldn't have the nuns walking in on the two of us in the morning, let alone any of the children! But he called me the perfect woman, the twinkle in his eyes giving no hint of regret and I fell asleep without a care in the world. This morning though I was running rather late, and I had a few questioning glances from the nuns, but I am only in the Convent to teach the children. This isn't a spiritual journey and I believe that hedonism should be embraced... At least every once in a while!

D. S.