Sunday, July 17, 2011

I fear it may be said that I am not quite behaving myself...

I have just returned to the Convent as the children walk to their early morning lessons, with the Scottish Earl's private coach for cover. A spontaneous night that resulted in very few hours being slept and soon followed by a two day journey to the North!

My head is pounding but you shall be pleased to hear that though I spent the night with the Scottish Earl nothing untoward occurred... Even though his propositions, which are not something I could repeat here, were numerous!

I spent yesterday in the Capital drenched by rain, unimpressed with the entire trip, but it was the first time for many of the children, so with wonderful hindsight I can look back and laugh. Just about. The only perk of the trip to the Capital was the introduction to our newest priest... It is terrible of me to even think these thoughts, let alone write them down, but he is a beautiful man, there is no other word to describe him. I know it has become a cliché of late but truly, if he stays a man of the cloth it is a waste of a future happy marriage!

He is apparently going to move to the Convent where I am staying and I know it is unbelievably dreadful of me, but the thought of being in close proximity to his perfection fills me with the utmost desire. I wish working at the Convent made me think about God and the Church rather than the priest and what lies beneath his robe...

Speaking of the children, I have grown a fond attachment to a few of them, but in groups they are a nightmare! I was terrified of losing them in the Capital yesterday for they have no discipline whatsoever. We are supposed to instill the fear of God, but I haven't the heart to ruin their happiness after the turmoils they have already lived through.

My parents are on their way to take me up North. This journey is not going to be fun. I have a headache. But tomorrow there is a procession in my honour after living in the North for the last three years and it cannot be missed. I almost wish I could stay more than a single night but duty calls, the Convent calls. So I am off to ready myself after only three hours sleep, the faint stench of alcohol still on my breath, and pray that my parents do not pry into my fatigue, and my headache diminishes!

D. S.