Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carnal thoughts never stray far from the forefront of my mind, and it is with a tantalising and semi-impatient fury that I count down the days until the White Knight's return. I have been given a date, the end of the month, and I know it is sinful to think these thoughts on a Sunday, but my breath quickens at the mere possibility of having him in my arms.

Oh no my dearest darlings, this is not an inclination of love, nor have I defected from my more amorous intentions for the Captain. Far from it! I am just enjoying the freedom and independence that comes with my new-found responsibilities. Apparently I can behave rather wantonly when so inclined, and if I cannot have love at the moment, then I shall indeed settle with lust!

My pensive state has rather diminished, or indeed I am concentrating on other responsibilities that carry far greater weight than my boudoir compatriots. No further decisions have been made, and I fear that I may begin to enjoy the routine that my life has currently set out for me.

I have nothing too scandalous to report; my patronage has yet to be bestowed on a deserving candidate, no one new has entered my life with such zest and vigour as those from the Antipodes, and though I have heard from the Court Jester and coxswain both in the last few days, we are no closer to organising a rendez vous. Something I fear I may have to take in hand myself.

The Shire is beautiful in the Autumn. I forget that I haven't had to suffer through a winter in nearly two years now... The temperature has decreased slightly, and the leaves are turning the most brilliantly burnt hue of ochre. Still I can't help but miss the Antipodes, despite, or perhaps in spite of the fun I am having in the Shire.

In fact, only yesterday did I dress up two of my ladies in unimaginable outfits; we giggled and laughed and by the time I had finished with them, the two were barely recognisable! But then, I am a true mistress of disguise! The Duke's sister and I have rekindled our friendship more so than ever before. She is a terrible influence however, for I am never one to say no... And she has this wicked smile that reminds me of all then fun we've already had, and of course we can do it again! 

She is going to get me into trouble one day!

But until that day arrives, I am going to make the most of the Shire, the evenings that still have a tint more light than they will during winter, and wait ever-so-patiently for the White Knight to give me a good ravaging! Of course, all the while, writing heartfelt letters to the Captain as we brave the ever increasing distance between us.

D. S.