Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's difficult to brave the ever-obvious distance between the Captain and myself, when not only are there reams of distractions and temptations, but the Captain often fails to correspond accordingly! It has been over a week since his last admission of love and my last declaration has all but been ignored! I cannot help but worry that, maybe, just possibly some other Lady has caught his eye...

I cannot bare my own hypocrisy, especially as the day of the White Knight's return draws nearer, but I also cannot begin to fathom as to why I have been neglected. Never have I failed to respond in the correct fashion to the Captain, but here I am, waiting. Waiting for a love that may or may not last the distance and the time.

Speaking of which, I cannot believe that it was a year ago today that I arrived in the Antipodes! How time does fly! Of course this has made me somewhat crabby as I think about the responsibilities I have ahead of me, but also too does it remind me that life is worth living. That there is nothing better than to take chances and not regret any of your past mistakes!

In other news, (before I get too nostalgic) I had a wonderful weekend with the best of my Ladies. I could have sworn there was a member of royalty in disguise accompanying our party, but it is always best to ignore the questions you want to ask; for what if it were untrue and I looked silly asking a personal and private question? Or indeed, what if it WERE true... I do not think any of our princesses would forgive me lightly!

The weekend has been a success, with much drinking and merriment, however I am beginning to suffer with the dropping temperatures. Winter is coming and I'm not sure I have a suitable wardrobe to put to use... I may have to venture to the Capital and see the Duchess of Tuthershire and make use of her seamstress!

I don't know what to think about the Captain and the White Knight. They are both so different and each of them offer vastly incomparable futures... I know my heart still resides in the Captain's bosom, but what of his silence? If his feelings are dwindling is it not wise to acquiesce sooner rather than later and be content with the White Knight (whom I do care about greatly)? 

I fear that this long distance is more likely to break the Captain and I, and then, if it does, I don't know where the Antipodes may stand for me... Let's hope and pray that the Captain has not forgotten me, that I have only lapsed in his mind for a moment as he is busy preparing a life for the two of us together... Let us hope.

D. S.