Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Considering my plans were to stay with friends further south just for the weekend, it brings a rue smile to my face to write this from the same bed I have been sleeping in for over a week! Or rather one of the two beds that I have been making my own.

I couldn't leave after just a weekend, the sun was shining and as always there is much to be done! We have travelled around the glorious landscapes and seen some of the most fascinating aspects of nature. The Antipodes are forever changing, as if they are not quite settled. It isn't anything like my Shire, which is cool and calm, like an old man staring out of the window of his home, looking down at everything he owns, content with his decisions. 

Not too long ago, maybe three days, before our travelling, a singer was welcomed into our home, to entertain us as we talked of many things. The friends I have here are from all over the world, none of whom would fit in with my friends in the City of Sails, and possibly not even in the Shire. They are philosophers, learned people from the Promised Land, from the Polynesian Islands and even from Africa, and I adore spending time with them, listening to their ideas and combining our cultures.

The night the singer arrived however, their was more than just a combining of cultures... Wine was drunk, though not so much that we didn't know what we were doing. Only enough to gain courage. One of the gentlemen from the Promised Land has the most beautiful eyes but though we are close he does not court nor try to impress me the way that most men do. He is more matter of fact, and does not question my decisions. 

I nearly had to question him though when he brought the singer into our boudoir, and proceeded to undress her even before I had consented. But before I could say anything the singer had started undressing me with ease, and the gentleman whispered in my ear, 'this is clearly not your first time...'

How he knew I can only guess, but we have talked of many things, sexuality included. I feel safe when I'm with my philosophers for they do not judge, they only expect you to accept the consequences of your decision.

I am only here for a few more days, I am making the most of the time that I have. There is nothing that I regret... At the moment. Nothing more. 

D. S.