Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have sojourned south for the weekend to clear my head and say goodbye to some dear friends before my travels to the Shire begin. I am trying to make the most of the fortnight I have left here in the Antipodes, though it is difficult to know where to start.

The brunette has organised a soirée in my honour for my nearest and dearest, and too a ball is to be thrown next weekend. With my departure plaguing my mind I can't help but think of my mistakes on this side of the world... My entire friendship, or relationship if you will, with the Captain was the highlight of my heart's endeavours, rocked only by my insecurities and inability to not be the centre of attention.

The brunette's cousin, the minx, invited me over to hers under the ruse that she was afraid to  spend the night alone. I was more than willing to spend time with her and hear all about her secret love, and whisper of the English gentleman's demise, but she had other plans! I arrived with baked goods in tow, only to find that a third glass had been set upon the table! There is no way I can be mad at her, I know she did it with my best interest at heart, but when it comes to the Captain, I need the warning!

However, the three of us had a lovely evening talking and laughing, and it truly pains me to think that these are the last days I will get to spend with them!

In fact I heard something about the English gentleman that made me pause for thought... Apparently soon after I had broken off our relationship he bumped into the brunette's cousin and while inebriated he couldn't but help talk about me, and how much he missed me and regretted all the ills that had passed! I was most surprised when she told me of this, and though I think nothing of it for I know we were not meant to be, it's interesting to hear... In vino veritas...

I have made mistakes yes, I have regret for possibly the first time in my life. I can't change the situation and sometimes I don't know whether I'd really ever appreciate my love for the Captain if I hadn't lost him through a fault of my own...

D. S.


  1. Dreaming is part of living too.Drinking wine will make you live long and maybe find another "Captain",Duchess...In vino veritas...

  2. Hello dear Duchess, three things really: #1 Regret is a hard lesson, but we all must learn of her, sooner or later. #2 "Drunk words are sober thoughts", or so I'm sure you'v heard. As a lover of spirits for many years, I can vouch for that one. I'v even been known to call or text a past love while quite under the influence, say God knows what, and not remember it the next day. So its very true: "Drunk words, sober thoughts". #3 Don't give up on the Captain just yet. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Noone does. I have seen that women fall quickly usually; but have found that men fall more slowly, but when they do, theyr yours. So do not give up just yet. The Captain may be stewing about. Lastly, who was the 3rd setting at the table? You never did say! - with carino (love), @bayviewgirl (Ellen)

  3. Perhaps for today Duchess: "@Notebook: Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger" - @bayviewgirl ((hugs))

  4. Yes, many times we only appreciate things when they dissapear... But, another love will come. I hope. Regards!