Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some things truly never change. Over the weekend I adjusted my attire for a frolic at a fete and the festivities were fantastic... Unfortunately, the ale flowed far too smoothly and when you're drinking something aptly named the Stinking Bishop, honestly there is only one way the night could end: nakedness.

I had the Duke's sister goading my bad behaviour, but it doesn't take much for me to instigate some sort of sordid naughtiness. Indian pipes were smoked, clothes were lost (and have yet to be found), women were straddled and in all it was a delightful evening! I thought I'd outgrown this sort of immaturity, but it alack, it seems not so!

In between all this scandal (some of which I have yet to tell my ladies, for of course they would not have allowed me to get so bolshie) I did find the time to send the Captain a letter. It talks of what we could have had, it talks of everything I've ever talked about when it comes to the Captain. I can't forget him, and though it may seem that I am doing everything in my power to ignore what my heart says I must do, all I think of is him.

But that can't stop me from living my life.

I am to return to Armiger and the City of Dreaming Spires tomorrow, and I can only hope the party atmosphere will ensue. Though with Armiger involved, I don't really expect anything else! I need to stop pining for the Captain. Or at least I need to wait to hear his reply. He was the first to speak to me, so why am I so nervous?

Actually, there was another romantic caller leaving a card for me... The Scottish laird has finally reappeared in my life, though we are both far too busy to reconvene any time soon. But I know he will remind me of my time in the Antipodes, and that in itself only reminds me of the Captain.

Ignoring life and its tribulations while intoxicated is surely a recipe for disaster (or at least a failed liver) but at the moment it seems that I no longer know how to do anything else, for fear I stare longingly out of a library window! 

D. S.


  1. Dear Duchess, haha, and I find a 2nd post from U on this fine day. How wonderful! Sounds like U had a whale-of-a-good-time drinking the Stinking-Bishops! LOL Never heard of such! My poison-of-choice is the Long-Island-Iced-Tea, a mixture of at least 5 liquors, sometimes 6; not for the non-cast-iron-clad. Haha! I loved this: "Ignoring life and its tribulations while intoxicated" - a routine of mine if I must say so myself. As long as everything gets done, I see no problem with indulging from time2time, and I do. More often than not! Why are U so down on Urself for "pining for" Ur Captain? It is only natural. U will hear from him, I know it. Do U have each others' phone numbers? Pining for the man-of-Ur-heart is quite normal, albeit also painful. So, mix up the Stinking-Bishops, and pour Ur friend Ellie a strong one, Duchess! I need it! With love xo - @bayviewgirl (Ellen)

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