Monday, June 11, 2012

Who'd have thought the Captain would be the first to break?

I know I left him a note in the Antipodes with the brunette with one final goodbye and, I hope, the last of apologies, but I am barely home for three days and already I have heard from him! It was a fleeting comment, an apology of his own and the words I have longed to hear; I miss you, I have missed you for a long time.

My heart leapt at the thought of him, but more of what could have been, and a glimpse of what could be... I am in a turmoil as when to return to the Antipodes. I know I want to, but I can't seem to decide when! And, rightly so, Mother and Father are less than impressed with my talk of leaving when I have only just returned home! But the thought of returning and landing safely in the Captain's arms? Honestly I can't think of anywhere in the world I'd rather be.

Friday night is already a wee bit of a blur, though I know I was surrounded by my ladies of the Shire. The Baroness and Marquessa too joined me in my welcome back soirée, and I revelled in the attention and I cannot thank my friends enough for the love they give to me. How I have coped so long without them, I truly have no idea.

There was a slight blip on the evening's rather tranquil, hazy atmosphere. I spied a familiar looking coat in the crowds of people, the Marquessa did her utmost to shield me from my past lover, but there he was; the Duke. Tall, dark, handsome, regal and no longer enraptured with me it seems... How many years has it been? I daren't even consider him in my current affairs, but we shared a look; he seemed curious to know that I had returned, and though his engagement had been called off last we'd spoken, I saw her, his fiancé by his side, as if nothing had changed.

I'm glad they are happy, but I have moved on. I couldn't be happier, especially knowing that the Captain has me in his heart. 

Though I wonder for how long that will last?

D. S.