Monday, June 11, 2012

Who'd have thought the Captain would be the first to break?

I know I left him a note in the Antipodes with the brunette with one final goodbye and, I hope, the last of apologies, but I am barely home for three days and already I have heard from him! It was a fleeting comment, an apology of his own and the words I have longed to hear; I miss you, I have missed you for a long time.

My heart leapt at the thought of him, but more of what could have been, and a glimpse of what could be... I am in a turmoil as when to return to the Antipodes. I know I want to, but I can't seem to decide when! And, rightly so, Mother and Father are less than impressed with my talk of leaving when I have only just returned home! But the thought of returning and landing safely in the Captain's arms? Honestly I can't think of anywhere in the world I'd rather be.

Friday night is already a wee bit of a blur, though I know I was surrounded by my ladies of the Shire. The Baroness and Marquessa too joined me in my welcome back soirée, and I revelled in the attention and I cannot thank my friends enough for the love they give to me. How I have coped so long without them, I truly have no idea.

There was a slight blip on the evening's rather tranquil, hazy atmosphere. I spied a familiar looking coat in the crowds of people, the Marquessa did her utmost to shield me from my past lover, but there he was; the Duke. Tall, dark, handsome, regal and no longer enraptured with me it seems... How many years has it been? I daren't even consider him in my current affairs, but we shared a look; he seemed curious to know that I had returned, and though his engagement had been called off last we'd spoken, I saw her, his fiancé by his side, as if nothing had changed.

I'm glad they are happy, but I have moved on. I couldn't be happier, especially knowing that the Captain has me in his heart. 

Though I wonder for how long that will last?

D. S.


  1. Dear Duchess, How happy 4U, I am so happy 4U, at this good long-awaited happy news U have received. I do wonder tho: why is it always, it seems nearly-always, the man realizes what he had within an arm's length, after we have alredy left the scene? Seems 2me 2be one of life's stranger mysteries. Nevertheless, thank God the Captain realized what he *had*, and by his words and tone, what he still *wants*- YOU! He wrote U "an apology of his own and the words I have longed to hear; I miss you, I have missed you for a long time". How overwhelming and exciting I know that moment was as U eagerly drank in his lovely words. He must be a stubborn one, is all I can say haha! They r, however, the best I think, bc once their sights r set, they don't give up, for that very reason: stubbornness. I wud think U r quite elated 2hav heard frm Ur dear Captain. I'm sure Ur parents r at a standstill as 2why U'd want 2leave so soon, aftr just getting home. I wud like 2advise softly in one area Duchess, maybe it will help. If not, just disregard. U know me, liable 2say what's in my head. So take this with a grain of well-intentioned *salt*! Haha! What wud happen if U did not go back to the Antipodes immediately, altho Ur heart is pushing U 2do exactly that? What wud be the Captain's "next move"? If he is a gentleman, I am sure he is, 2hav caught Ur heartstrings, it wud be interesting 2see what HE does next. The ball is in his court, as it were. U were there, U let him know of an apology multiple-times, plus let him know how U felt, and still he let U leave. Now, the tide is turning. If ther was ever a time "2wait it out", this might be one. Maybe don't fly back quickly in2 his arms. Let him miss U, until he aches, as U have 4him, and see what course he takes? I wud bet hard solid currency, he wud travel 2where U are? Just a thought. He's made a move, a serious one, wait and see if he follows thru, as a gentleman shud: go aftr his Duchess. Hard, difficult, almost impossible, I know. But an interesting proposition! I am so excited 4U and canNOT wait 2read the next installment in the Duchess's on-the-brink life! XO all the best 2U my dear, @bayviewgirl (Ellen S.)

  2. For some strange reason, Duchess, I have yet 2figure out, this blog doesn't want 2allow me 2post using my google acct. Odd, I dunno why. That is why I had 2post under "anonymous". Sorry about that. But its *me*: @bayviewgirl (Ellen S.), with love! :o)

  3. My Dearest Duchess,

    It does seem that men can be slow creatures at time, especially when they have a food thing in front of them and don't even realize it, such as the case with the Captain. Maybe he will get brave and come to see you and meet your family in the Shire. If he has serious intentions about you that is the least he can do.

    Love Always,