Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Darlings I know I have been rather scarce of late, however the Convent's last few days were hectic to say the least, and while I was panicking about my future it seems like fate has intervened.

The Convent is over... Of course it is still running throughout the year, but my time has come to an end. Have I atoned for all my sins? I'd love to give an affirmative response, but other than my dalliance with the White Knite, which was of proper propriety, the last few days have been less so.

The priest's judging looks have waned, only due to his interest in the latest patron and his greed to claim even more monetry value for the Convent. I'd love to think that it was for the good of the church, the Convent and its parishioners, but I know better. 

The White Knight has suffered on his travels abroad defending our Great country, but he informs me that all will be well. I miss him, and I'm surprised by how much... It seems my heart has much more space than I'd previously imagined to cope with distance.

Speaking of which, my Antipodean Captain has kept in close contact, letters arriving nearly every day and they speak of that which cannot be mentioned. But I am pleased to say that I have reciprocated in a similar manner... I cannot wait to see him again, we shall not be able to keep our hands off each other!

On a trip to the Capital Belle finally broke her vow of silence; no explanation, no fanfare, she just responded to an indirect question! It seems she needed some space before making a huge decision and wanted to do it in the solitary confinement of the Convent... What the decision is though, I have yet to find out.

The nun departed earlier than most, leaving most hastily without a word of goodbye. I hope she is well, and that nothing has happened to her darling little boy. For why else would she abscond so hurridly?

As for me, I am home with Belle and an Irish lady from Corcaigh and we are planning a few days of rest, to recover from the last two months of the Convent. But not only do I have my friends about me, I too have had a decision made for me. Father has decided that I must make the most of my skills; no marriage just yet (though I could tell Mother disagreed with that) but rather becoming a Patroness in my own right! 

Father says he trusts me to choose and guide either a poet, musician, or author that will make our family name proud. I, for one am indebted to my Father. He knows and understands my appreciation for the Arts and I hope I can do his faith in me justice!

D. S.