Sunday, August 19, 2012

To be a patron and wage that sort of power... Well it comes with a hefty amount of responsibility!

I have yet to take my new found role seriously and I have asked Father for a few weeks respite before searching for an artiste worthy of my name. In doing so I have returned to the hazy hedonistic friendships from the Northern Counties. Harlequin dared to visit my Shire and scuttled me away to a Southern fiesta that house all sorts of pagans and druids - none of which the likes before I had seen! It was magical, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but it is safe to say that I did not quite fit it!

Belle and my wonderful Irish Lady of Corcaigh have left me with the promise of a visit to their homes... I can't wait to make that journey across the Irish sea! Belle has yet to say anything about her month of silence, but I too have failed to ask any poignant questions. Is it wrong of me to expect her to tell me in her own time?

I cannot fathom this unexpected feeling of loss I have after the end of the Convent! I enjoyed my time there, though at times it was fraught, but I never thought I'd long to go back! Hopefully this next fortnight keeps me occupied and my thoughts stray away from the Convent and the priest!

The Captain, at long last, has been told about my future here in the Shire; 12,000 miles away from the Antipodes and away from his arms. He has yet to respond to the extended time between us and I constantly question how we are to fare if fate is against us??

The White Knight has sent his final letter before delving into the world of the unknown. I cannot believe I have two months to wait until I hear from him again. I promised to write to him, knowing that he can hear from me will make the time go more smoothly for him, even if I have to wait in the dark.

Soon I will have to be more responsible, and I look forward to the challenge, but until then I shall flourish doing what I do best!

D. S.