Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To think that over a week has passed me by with little to no thought of my writing! Never before has life taken hold of me with such vigour that my writing has come second-best! 

The Capital, a carnival, the Duchess of Tuthershire, Armiger, and many more of their retinue made the long weekend more than I could have imagined!

It started off as a rather sensible affair until large quantities of drink were drunk in the Shire... An impromptu visit to the Capital seemed the only option and it was truly wonderful. The carnival was filled with people from all over the world; an all-singing, all-dancing affair with the utmost merriment. 

Of course such a parade of worldwide renown would attract many people, and I had the absolute pleasure of a fortuitous meeting with a former rower from my days in the Northern county! The contingency made me smile, and the rower couldn't believe that we'd managed to spot each other through the crowds. An ash tree shaded us as we spoke, and we promised to make contact next time I was in the Capital.

Needless to say I had an absolute ball, and was more than a little disappointed to return to the Shire. Yet life moves on, and at the start of next week I have to take my duties as a Patroness a little more seriously!

However much I complain the Shire does feel like home, yet I cannot lie to myself. I am waiting for the day I can return to the arms of my Captain and travel back to the Antipodes!

We correspond nearly every day and my thoughts are constantly of him. At long last I feel confident in his own feelings for me, but how long can I expect him to wait while I struggle to find an artiste worthy of my patronage?

Indeed the dilemma seems to be a constant one, and only yesterday Mother confronted me about why I was so determined to return to the Antipodes... Before I could think of a worthwhile excuse she asked point blank if it was for the Captain.

I was certainly stunned into a silence! I have not been shy about my feelings for the Captain, however I thought Mother would have been too distracted by my cavorting with the White Knight to remember my younger lover. But astute as ever, Mother knows best... She did not condemn the relationship, to my utmost relief, but she was wary of following my heart 12,000 miles away from home.

Even after tonight, a delightful evening with my Ladies and Armiger, with the people I am most comfortable with and whom I am most honest with... I couldn't but help let my thoughts stray to the Captain, every waking, sleeping moment he occupies my heart and I cannot let distance be the better of us! I just can't.

D. S.