Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Friday night and another bottle of wine. Does there seem to be some sort of a theme going on, or is that just me? Don't think my life has dwindled to a halt as I drink my weekends away, it is more to get myself through the work that has more than multiplied over the last fortnight. 

I still adore my position, though I do miss the freedom of Bohemia and the Antipodes, but I know that I am working towards an end that is within reach, I just need to get through the next six months. And to help me along, I have started discussing the prospect of the future with the Duke of Albany, as per my previous post. Travel is always at the forefront of my mind, and there are so many countries and cultures that I have yet to explore. The Duke is interested in what the world has to offer, and we are lucky to have few ties to our homes ~ but he is not keen to move this year.

I have made him move across the Continent to be with me and now I am asking the impossible; 'follow me to worlds unknown'. And as I write these words I can see how unfair I am being in my request for he has only just begun to make his home here in the Northern Counties, but I do not know how to still the longing in my bones and say goodbye to the journeys ahead.

There are so many questions to ask but I know my craving for travel will not dissipate, so there is no hurry to escape to the unknown any time soon. Yet I cannot feel comfortable without making plans for something different. I think I have become a little too comfortable, and there is nothing like repetition to eventually stagnate into boredom. The Duke is the man I hope to spend the rest of my life with, but I want us to have a life together that we can be proud of, not one where we just fall in to an unchanging routine, old before our time. 

It can't hurt to see what other opportunities there are out there, can it? 

D. S.

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