Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Only a few days have passed  but already so much has happened, so I thought it was time to put pen to paper. 

I have made inquiries with some of my acquaintances about looking further afield for a position (one that would suit both the Duke and I) as well as writing letters imploring those in my closest circles to give me some advice about how to approach the tentative subject of 'the future'.

Letters have been sent near and wide, from the Shire to the Far East. where those who have made their home in an Asian culture have drawn unimaginable pictures with their tales. So much so that I yearn to see some of the wonders for myself.

Belle has given me her opinion on the matter, and as always she is full of insight (sometimes I wonder what I'd do without her!). Of course she has her own personal reasons for wanting me to say ~ who wouldn't ~ but she has made me realise that I do still have another year until my qualification is complete. Even though my training as a Lady-in-Waiting will be over in the Northern counties come this summer, for me to make the most of it, I do need another year working in practice for it to have the same weight around the world.

The Duke has left this decision entirely unto me. He has made his voice heard and I know what he'd prefer, but I have been given the responsibility to make this decision on my own. 

Alas, I adore travelling and am eager to see somewhere new. If it were up to me and I had no ties I would leave tomorrow. But I am no longer that person... I can't be. I have to grow up and make decisions responsibly. 

The Coxswain on the other hand tickled my fancy and almost made it sound like the other side of the world was a possibility. 

My head is not quite in the right place to make this sort of decision right now, but it's something that has been playing on my mind quite heavily... I miss waking up in a country that I have yet to explore.

Another journey awaits, and I only hope it is sooner rather than later. 

D. S.

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