Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There is nothing new to report from last week other than the temperatures have risen ever so slightly and everyone is already talking about the Summer months to come. I'm afraid that may be a little premature because we haven't had the heart of Winter yet, and I would not be surprised if the worst was yet to come. 

A very relaxing weekend passed, with little to report as the Duke and I lazed about enjoying each other's company. I did make some time to see the previous amour of the Coxswain as I have yet to hear his side of the story; we chatted for hours, though nothing of much consequence was said. Nevertheless, sometimes there is nothing more therapeutic than idle chatter.

It is a little too soon to think about what I may or may not being doing in 12 months time for, and I am the first to admit it, life often doesn't go according to plan. So why plan? I have never been considered the great architect of my life, rather allowing spontaneous whims to guide me on what has turned out to be a colourful path. Not once, all those years ago, could I have imagined I'd be living in close proximity to the love of my life, having discovered him deep in the heart of another nation! 

I am feeling a lot more confident that whatever happens will be for the best. I cannot think of which I'd rather choose, because each time I think I've decided, I only wake having convinced myself of the other! It is also true that some of me closest peers from my childhood are beginning to start families of their own, and it sometimes makes me wonder why I do not feel anywhere near ready for motherhood.

Is there something wrong with me? I adore children and work in close proximity with them as often as my station allows, but to have a brood of my own?! It is possibly the only conversation the Duke and I have not dared venture, though I believe that is because of a lack of interest on both our parts, rather than a fear of the subject itself. As happy as I am for my friends who have a great adventure ahead of them as Mothers and Fathers, I am much more content knowing that the whole world is still mine, a partially discovered oyster that has yet to release its pearl.

D. S.

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